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HOYA LOBBII – 75 mm pot


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Hoya lobbii is a member of the Asclepiadaceae family and is native to India & Thailand.
It is an upright form of Hoya growing more like a shrub than a climber it can grow to 1 metre and in some cases 1200mm.It will need some support to keep it upright as the root system is smaller than most Hoya. It prefers a shaded position.
The flowers are a deep maroon/black in colour and is a beauty to behold it is one of my favourites.
INDOORS: Most Hoya are well suited to hanging baskets or ladders and can be grown indoors under pot culture in a warm position but flowering is sometimes difficult.

SOILS: The shrub will enjoy most soil types but prefers well drained gravelly soils, moist but not wet, warm but frost free above 4 degrees.

PLANTING: Dig the hole twice the size of the pot and plant level with the surrounding soil. Mounding can help with wetter soils.

CARE: Prune after flowering but don’t cut off flower buds as flowers appear each year on them. Fertilise during growing period and withdraw water in the colder months. Mulch well to conserve water.


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