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  • 21 November,2020

Hi all you Hoya Lovers!

There is a new Hoya book on the market, by Martin Thearle


 Hi Plant Lovers! My name is Martin Thearle and I have been collecting Hoyas for 7 years. This book is a record of the knowledge I have collected, both from my own experience as a collector and discussions with other collectors and Hoya lovers throughout the world. I hope you enjoy it and benefit from it. The cost is $65.00 + Australian postage charges. If you are interested in purchasing the book please send your details to me at the address listed below. Thank You.                                 Martin


3 responses to “NEW HOYA BOOK”

  1. Lany Penna says:

    Hi Martin, my sister who lives in Indonesia asked me to find out about your book “My own hoya collection”. Is it possible to buy one?

  2. June Simpson says:

    I would love to buy your book! I have been collecting Hoyas about the same length of time but don’t know so much about the real Hoya plants themselves

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